To increase market access

Local homestays, particularly the ones that are located in remote areas, have difficulties in tourist market access. They are heavily dependent on city-based tour operators to get bookings. This has resulted in a limited number of tourists that they've hosted and then low income they've got every year. This web-based booking platform is created to maximize their sales and benefits by directly linking them to travelers.

To promote community-based tourism

Besides community-based accommodation services, CBT experiences (e.g. agritourism, charity tourism, cultural tourism, ecotourism, educational tourism) are also offered and promoted to ensure that tourists can enjoy the most authentic experiences and contribute to local community development at the same time. It is committed that all the commissions generated from bookings will be transfered to the CBT fund, which will be used for capacity building training courses for the most disadvantaged homestays, waste management in CBT sites, community clean up events, tree plantation etc. Please see more details on the CBT fund here.

To improve the homestays' capacity

We also aim to improve the capacity then the competitiveness of the member homestays in the industry. A great part of the CBT will be used for this purpose, e.g. for financing community learning workshops and training courses.