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About the homestay:

Hello, I’m Tuan. My nickname is Tuan Strawberry as I’m pioneer planting strawberry successful in Moc Chau Plateau. My home situates on a peaceful and romantic hilltop surrounded by orchid and strawberry garden. I have passion of doing garden, especially planting orchid 

Gardening together, you will enjoy a beautiful new flower blooming each day and make botanical discoveries. You also can sit back, enjoy the fresh air, a cup of green tea specialty, read a book or just take in the view to Ban Ang (Ang village) which is the most charming place in Moc Chau Plateau hidden inside the green trees, the winding stream.

We also serve lunch, dinner with local food, tour guide.


House Services: 
Bus access
Hygienic facilities
Internet Access
Shared toilet and shower rooms with hot water
Location desc: 

Ban Ang village, Dong Sang Commune, Moc Chau, Son La. You can get to Moc Chau by mini bus from My Dinh bus station, Hanoi. Moc Chau town locates on Highway 6 and the town of Moc Chau Farm is on Highway 43.

With the "Travelers", Highway 6 is a supply of love. Because they will choose the means to motorcycle traveling this stretch of road, for easy stop on the passes with red poinsettia flowers, mustard flowers and peaceful small villages.



Max guests: 10
Price: 12.00 $

Price include bed, breakfast and dinner