Waterfall Homestay

Know the landlord

Hello, my name is Tru. Since 2013, my husband, Mr.Tu, and I started doing homestay after my husband's demobilization. I myself am a tourguide and I can speak English well. Having a lovely daughter, our little family has welcomed a lot of visits from travelers, and would be very glad to meet you at our homestay.

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*12 Hours Reply Email: info@vietnamhomestay.vn

About the homestay:

Located near poetic stream, the Homestay of Mrs Tru and Mr Tu has a impressive name of "Waterfall Homestay". Run by young family of the Black Hmong minority ethnic group in Vietnam,  Waterfall homestay is an ideal place to discover and enjoy incredible scenery which surrounds the Homestay by visiting the green mountain, waterfall and nearby stream. The homestay can baccomodated up to 12 people with 10 single mattresses upstairs and single beds downstairs.

The homestay's host, Mrs Tru is not only an expertised chef of traditional food, but also a tourguide whose English is impressive. Besides enjoying the stay with beautiful surrounding, guests also have chance to experience incredible meals prepared by the host. 

Coming to Waterfall Homestay, travelers can experience a lot of attractive activities: trekking, visiting the village, sharing with the host about culture and livings,...


Shared room with private beds

Price included bed, diner and breakfast

Max guests: 10
Number of room: 1
Price: 13.55 $

Price included bed, diner and breakfast

·     Individual mosquito nets and blankets for beds.

·     2 downstairs beds.

·     1 shared toilet and 1 shower room with hot water – downstairs.

·     Hygienic facilities. 

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