Sapa musician house

Know the landlord

My name is Hung Le Trong, a musician composer of the mountainous region, aged about 60. I was born, grew up in Sapa and experienced the changes of this spectacular land. My wife is dancer who devotes her life for me to compose the songs. Most songs has been composed based on the love I give to the the poor ethnic minorities. At free time, I works on a tiny garden in front of his house, cultivates vegetable and medicine. I does not drink but make very good herbal wine. Although I had many interaction experiences with foreigners before, however I could not speak English. Staying with my family would be a challenge, nevertheless, it would also be a good experience. Additionally, a communication toolkit will be provided to help you able to communicate with us.

Our Quick Help

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About the homestay:

My homestay locates in uphill, heading to the Fansipan peak and just about 10-14 min walk from the Sapa town center. This center-located Sapa homestay has 4 bedrooms, including 3 private rooms for the guests and 1 bedroom for the owner. Family guests are welcome. 

The breakfast would depend on your choice, either bread with butter, or Vietnamese noodle, or pancake with fresh fruits and coffee. Kitchen is available for cooking if you like, otherwise you can share meals with them if requested or explore the restaurants on town.     

How to get there: Right after booking made, we will send you a receipt with detail instruction how to reach the house and communication toolkit. Additional pick up service is provided upon your request. Whenever possible, we would love to catch up for a while in Hanoi before traveling to the destinations, whether getting to know each other or practicing basic Vietnamese sentences.   



House Services: 
Hygienic facilities
Internet Access
Shared toilet and shower rooms with hot water
Location desc: 

Sapa town, Lao Cai Province, Vietnam

Sapa tour
Sapa tour
Batik class with the local artisian
Batik class with the local artisian
Batik class with the local artisian
Batik class with the local artisian
Batik class with the local artisian
Batik class with the local artisian
Walking, sight seeing and relaxing
Walking, sight seeing and relaxing
Do farming
Do farming

We suggest you should enjoy some activities such as:

  • Trekking to Sapa: There are many trekking routs in Sapa with various difficulties. We can help you to rent professional tour guide to escort.
  • Trekking to Mt Fansipan: trekking to that 3143m peak need you prepare much more both your pack as well as your health. But the reward is very well deserved.
  • Interacting with local ethnic: if you dont like physical activities very much, you can take part in cultural ones like chating, shopping or doing the charity.
  • Photography: the terrace fields, the giant mountain and valleys always offers top chances of photo hunting. You just walk around the village rout, there are many chance to capture beautiful photos
  • Weekly fair: we have local market held in specified days of a week. If you stay just in the right days, you can join us to such fair. This is the place not for selling or buying but for us to gather and for the youngers seeking for their love.

Double room

Max guests: 6
Number of room: 3
Price: 15.00 $

Bed: 1 double bed

Room features:

  • Wardrobe
  • Shower with hot water
  • Kitchen available
  • View to the beautiful lanscape of the valley and mountain range

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