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Welcome to Back H’Mong Sapa homestay and handicraft workshop! My name is Di and my husband is Thong Di, pronounced Ms. Dee and Mr. Tong Dee.  I am one of the few women in Lao Chai village that have continued this traditional art and love to share my knowledge with willing guests. Staying my house, you will be offerred the unique oppotunity to experience batik print making. My house is a very few house in the village keeping this tradition.

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About the homestay:

The homestay is clean and comfortable, located right in Lao Chai village, Sapa Town. This is a beautiful village with a few km walk from Sapa town. The hiking path is really beautiful and enjoyable. 

My homestay is an old style house of Black Hmong people, one of main ethnic people in Sapa. There’s a living space with 8 single mattresses upstairs and 2 double bed downstairs as Dom style, accommodating up to 10 people.  The downstair is mosly recommended for the elder in order to avoid walking on stairs. There is a shared bathroom and toilet at downstairs too. The bath is shower with hot water-running. The electric sockets are available both upstair and downstair.

Our homestay offers the unique opportunity for guests to experience batik print making, a traditional printmaking technique used in H’Mong culture; the materials are handmade and locally grown in the Sapa region. I have a workshop at my house too where you can watch and join me to learn how to make such dark navy clothes with colorful patterns printed in. You also have home handicraft shopping or others shops instead of from street vendors and children outside; this will benefit the community and help to ensure that children stay at school

We speak H’Mong language as an ethnic minority language of Vietnam that is no longer trouble for many hosted guests as Ms Mee, my daughter in law can speak English very well. She also works as local trekking guide, speaking English. 

We also can manage with meals by local cuisine. You just inform us in advance.

House Services: 
Hygienic facilities
Shared toilet and shower rooms with hot water
Location desc: 

Lao Chai Village, Sapa Town, Lao Cai Province, Vietnam. This is a main village for trekking in Sapa with easy and enjoyable paths that suits for most of tourists. 

You can walk in few hours to our house while enjoying wonderful scenery and terrace fields. Otherwise, you can transfer by van or car to the village then take a short walking to my house.

Lao Chai village is a beautiful village in Sapa and most loved by travelers. We suggest you should enjoy some activities such as:

  • Trekking to Sapa: Lao Chai - Ta Van is the top favorite trek in Sapa due to its beautiful routs and moderate grade that meas most of travelers can enjoy. My daughter can speak Ensligh very well and she can be your tour guide.
  • Trekking to Mt Fansipan: trekking to that 3143m peak need you prepare much more both your pack as well as your health. But the reward is very well deserved.
  • Interacting with local ethnic: if you dont like physical activities very much, you can take part in cultural ones like chating, shopping or joining me to dying and making batik printing clothes at my home workshop
  • Photography: the terrace fields, the giant mountain and valleys always offers top chances of photo hunting. You just walk around the village rout, there are many chance to capture beautiful photos
  • Weekly fair: we have local market held in specified days of a week. If you stay just in the right days, you can join us to such fair. This is the place not for selling or buying but for us to gather and for the youngers seeking for their love
Price: 13.00 $

Include bed, breakfast, dinner

The sleeping places feature:

  • 2 double beds down stairs and open plan living space with 8 single mattresses upstairs 
  • Downstairs beds for older people/ to avoid stairs
  • Individual mosquito nets and blankets for beds.
  • Power sockets upstairs and downstairs.
  • Baby sitting
  • Handicraft workshop for guest experience
  • 1 shared toilet and 1 shower room with hot water – downstairs.


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