Independence Day in Vietnam, like what of any other nations in the world, is one of the most important celebrations of the country in year. In this vacation, native residents have different ways to celebrate their vacation in different regions along the country.

Nation's Holiday is not only an occasion for local residents, but also for foreigners, visitors grasping their chance to explore different cultural activities. While many of people make the use of their vacation time to famous tourist destinations in coastal areas, big cities, etc., some choose them peaceful, adventurous and authentic experiences in mountainous regions in the North of Vietnam.

For the time happens Independence Day is also the best time to witness the most stunning and beautiful scenes in mountainous regions of Vietnam, it is noteworthy to arrange a trip up there.

The first most appealing destination to visit is Moc Chau, as Nation Independence Day is also the Independence Festival of the Mong ethnic group inhabiting here. For the Mong living in Moc Chau, the day President Ho Chi Minh announced the Declaration of Independence at Ba Dinh Square was also the day marking their freedom. Annually, Mong ethnic group in Moc Chau celebrate their Independence Day as their biggest event in year with various distinctive cultural activities. From famous Love Fair, to games, performances as well as colorful local markets selling local specialties, visitors will find their spirits be animated  in the highest senses.

Another destination travelers can not over look is definitely Mu Cang Chai, as September is also the most beautiful time in year in this region. September in Mu Cang Chai is not only when the local harvest ceremony happens with a lot of fascinating activities, but also when visitors can witness the most stunning, magical and majestic scenes of immense rice terraces. Going up there this time, travelers will have chance to attend many activities of the Festival, as well as to contemplate poetic views of the fields being close to be harvested. 

Ha Giang is the third considerable place to visit this season. Like other Northern regions of Vietnam, Ha Giang still keep its intact state in both natural beauty as well as local cultures. In September, Ha Giang is the destination which will take your breath away by its magical scenes of hill-side fields, and especially its unique magical flower named Tam giac mach. As Tam giac mach flower plays significant role not only in tourism but also in the region's economy, there occurs annually a Festival of its name in Ha Giang that attracts a large number of visitors. There will be a variety of excellent art programs travelers can enjoy, or take a look at the products from Tam giac mach flowers and watch street folk performances, colorful ethnic costumes of Ha Giang...

And travelers also can not pass Sapa without stopping by this scenic region. Sapa must not be unfamiliar to travelers who already have known about Vietnam or ones are planning to have a trip here. September is believed the best time to visit Sapa as the weather is not too cold but cool, fresh and airy. Up there, visitors will experience what is the most  wonderful of the highland nature, simultaneously experience authentic cultural livings of the ethnic minorities with distinctive lifestyles. September is also the best time for trekking in Sapa, which will surely bring adventurous travelers with memorable moments in their journey.

However, for this time is very ideal to travel, these destinations also have to face common problem of being crowded. As a result, visitors coming to these places will find it quite hard in managing for accommodation. Solution suggested for accommodation is staying with local people in homestays.

In Moc Chau, visitors can find several homestays lying among immense green tea fields with very affordable prices such as Homestay Moc Chau, Mr. Tuan Ha Homestay,...

In Mu Cang Chai there are several nice homestays can be found such as Mr. Sanh Homestay, Mr. Em Homestay, Tong Van Don Homestay, Lo Van Doi Homestay… They are all large Thai traditional stilt houses accommodated to many people. The hosts are also very friendly, plain and hospitable.

Ha Giang is where travelers can experience interactive travel in Dzao ethnic group's homestay with Ly Dai Duyen Homestay and Ly Quoc Thang Homestay whose hosts are really plain, friendly and hospitable.

For Sapa is so popular in authentic tourism, there are a large deal of choices for homestay can be found here. The most well-known homestay is May Kieu Homestay where visitors would not only witness local livings, but also can truly engage in. That are what travelers can also find when staying in Black H'mong Homestay. Other ideal homestays in Sapa are Sapa Musician House, or Sapa Cloudy