Homestay has become more and more popular as a pattern of green tourism in Vietnam, in which travelers will stay in the houses of the host families to learn and exchange culture, simultaneously to experience the local lives. This model of tourism has been already known broadly in the world, but still be the new concept in Vietnam. Within this concern, Vietnam Homestay was established with the aim to promote sustainable tourism through developing homestay network facilitating the community with their economic status, connecting local dwellers with foreigners who have concern to responsible tourism.

Vietnam Homestay orients to rural areas, mountainous regions which are still suffered by poverty and obsolescence while containing great potential in tourism with remarkable landscapes, unique cultural values and local lifestyles. Started with founding members all of whom are passionate in helping the community and experienced in development fields (NGOs) as well as tourism business, Vietnam Homestay has being built the homestay network all over country. Differ from most of homestay suppliers, Vietnam Homestay works as the bridge enabling visitors to access authentic and interactive experiences while visiting Vietnam. The team does not simply go and find homestay hosts providing homestay to customers, but further more than that.

Vietnam Homestay has organized hundreds of orientation classes throughout the country, in which local residents were trained about sustainable tourism highlighted by the pattern of homestay for visitors. As a result, Vietnam Homestay can be full of pride to provide visitors with the professional homestay web with well organized system, also to be monopoly in some of the homestays it self trains and promotes.

There are a lot of unique homestays like that connected by Vietnam Homestay, of which had received pleased feedbacks from the travelers experiencing the stay delivered. For instant, the Green House Homestay run by Mr. Truong is one of the best homestays in Hanoi which was discoverd and developed by Vietnam Homestay, has welcomed many visits from travelers and also received positive reviews.

In the future, Vietnam Homestay aims to build up and spread the homestay network as much as possible to raise the awareness about responsible tourism, connect the poor community with the travelers for poverty alleviation, and also contribute to the development of the whole country. To do so, Vietnam Homestay has been unceasingly seeking for homestay hosts, organizing training classes hopefully to provide visitors with unique authentic experiences.