Whilst the north is famous for colorful fairs of mountainous people, the southern region of Vietnam is highlighted by floating markets. In the Mekong Delta area, visitors will be hearing a lot about Cai Rang floating market. Located on Cai Rang river far from Ninh Kieu port, Can Tho city about 4km, this popular market took us just 30 minutes to get there by boat.

Like other floating markets in the Mekong Delta, Cai Rang floating market offers us impressive with unique culture. Goods are traded mainly local agricultural products with a variety of categories such as fresh fruits, vegetables, and other essential items.

The market is held from early morning, so we arrived here at 6am from our homestay in Can Tho to enjoy the most distinctive features of the market with the boisterous and colorful bustle. Bearing all the characteristics of the locals’ life in the western region, Cai Rang floating market imprinted in our minds the images of full-load rafts and boats with fresh fruits of animated colors, purchasing scenario with joyous sound. 

With only 10,000-20,000VND (equivalent to 0.5-1 dollars), we could sit on the boat strolling around the market area to purchase for ourselves fresh fruits of the western waterways. One of the pictures that we enjoyed is "bẹo", a long pole was upright on the boat hanging fruits to advertise items sold on the boat.

On the floating markets, we didn’t not only find people buying and selling goods, we also found floating restaurants, floating bars, floating gas stations, and many other floating shops.

Back to our little homestay humbly lying in Can Tho city, our minds were still lived up with pictures on Cai Rang floating market of boats and rafts full of goods, healthy women driving heavy stuff, or children under parenting lead floating on river for the living. Despite of the development of the society leading to the innovation on transportation, floating market will still raise as unique cultural value of Mekong Delta.