Located at the north end of Vietnam, Ha Giang has long been a named recognized by the travelers who love experiencing adventurous and authentic journeys. After the trip up here, Ha Giang has left in us great impression about its gorgeous natural beauty deriving from endless winding roads, magical flower colors, and peaceful local life with the warmest love.

Immerging into marvelous nature

We chose motorbike as the mean of transportation to go up to Ha Giang. Going by motorbike, we could have chance to freely stop by spots to catch breathless superb views of Ha Giang nature. From Hanoi, we passed by a long road of 318km. Riding on flexuous roads along the mountainside, we could have panoramic view of immense green forests, amazing unique rice terraces, undulating hills, and the curving roads looked like white silk softly running through the mountains.

So majestic and unspoiled it is, Ha Giang still did not forget to bring us poetic beauty emerging from magical pink flower fields lighting up the mountains, along with rivers with immense transparent blue waters. Scattering by riverside, under hills or nearby green fields are humble bamboo houses impressing us with the sense of peace and strange familiarity.

Poetic humanity

The poetry of Ha Giang comes from little simple-hearted local inhabitants. Ha Giang is home of a large number ethnic minorities namely Mong, Tay, Dao, Viet, Nung… who have lived in poverty and difficulties. We arrived Ha Giang at 12a.m, and at that time, we still caught the image of many ethnic children bearing huge bunds of grass on their back walking down hill. Such picture had touched deep down to our hearts about how hard life is in this rural mountainous area. Nevertheless, what impressed us is not the plain truth of the local living, but the smile on the naïve and pretty faces of those little boys and girls when we approached them, had talk, shared them with our food and took some pictures together.   

The living humanity picture of Ha Giang was revealed clearer to us as we accessed Dong Van market, the most famous market in Ha Giang. Had passed a pretty long way through many steep and curving roads and paths, we were quite tired at the time we came to the market. Despite the tiredness, we did not miss any moment of enjoying the dreamy beauty of the local breath. All we could see in this mountainous area where lives are full of burdens and privations are smiling faces. In the colorful local market, ethnic dwellers exchange local products, specialties and general necessities to each other, introduce local delicacies and commodities to travelers. Like the poverty has never existed, every single person showed us the most positive and brightest life spirit ever reflected through faces radiant with smiles.