Vietnamese people have always maintained and promoted their family traditions and lifestyle. In today’s society, more efforts are needed to promote the family traditions of Vietnamese people.

Hanoi people are proud of their elegant charm, standard accent, politeness, hospitality, and delicate cuisine. Traditionally, each family has 3 or 4 generations living together under the same roof. Each family has a leader but everyone pitches in to maintain the family tradition and lifestyle. Wherever or whoever they are, education and the honor of the family come first. Associate Professor Doctor Nguyen Thua Hy told VOV: “Hanoians treasure self-respect and the honor of their family and clan and the respect that Hanoiains are accorded. They consider themselves city dwellers. You don’t have to be rich to live in Hanoi but you need to have the spirit and soul of Hanoi to be Hanoian”.

Whether rich or poor, every family wants to maintain order in the family, respect the older people and properly address others according to their ranks. Before eating, the younger family members invite the older ones, invited their grandparents and parents. Nguyen Thi Tuyet lives in Dinh Liet street in Hanoi: “All cultural aspects of Hanoi are reflected at family meals. Having meals together is a tradition of Vietnamese people. We live together and are responsible for one another”.

Hanoians’ lifestyles have evolved changes over time. Hanoians now are more modern and confident. Young Hanoi people are more dynamic and active in applying science and technology in their studies and work. The old lifestyle remains but has been streamlined. Young people in Hanoi tend to move out of their parent’s house after getting married but they still return home to take care of their grandparents and parents. Nguyen Thi Hoi lives in Hang Dao street: “I don’t live with my children but I live close to my daughter, so the children and grandchildren often come to visit us. We also gather for dinner everyday, so I’m very happy. There are generational differences. It’s difficult for us to live with the younger generation, but we try to maintain our family tradition of having dinner together”.

Collected by Vietnam Homestay