Within the framework of making Hanoi a centre of business and creativity of Vietnam, Hanoi's People's Committee has approved the plan to build an amusement park in the capital city. The Amusement Park is said would be liken to the Disneyland Amusement Park with the total area of about 198 hectares in Dong Anh District. 

The park will be named as Kim Quy (Golden Turtle) Amusement Park, which is one top out of 25 amusement parks will be built around Hanoi in the next 5 years. The park is expected to become one of the biggest and the most beautiful recreational centers, which has strategic location of 30 minute driving from city center, close to the International airport and surrounded by many nice landscapes and traditional villages. Installed with modern entertainment equipment, Ha Noi Kim Quy Amusement Park will meet the international standards of a center park providing recreational services. Mr. Nguyen Duc Chung, Chairman of Hanoi's People Committee, revealed that Hanoi is still lack of parks with green spaces and entertainment areas. Thus, Kim Quy amusement park hopefully will contribute to full fill the demand of bringing city dwellers with greener spaces, which is also expected to be a modern and beautiful park can be compared to the famous Disneyland in Hong Kong creating beneficial values for the city's economy.

The project aims to mark Hanoi as an active center of business and environment friendly pioneer, delivering not only local residents but also international visitors unique traditional together with public places.