Ha Giang is a mountainous city located in the North end of Vietnam. Ha Giang has long been a famous destination to travelers with superb natural beauty and distinctive cultural features. Aside being in common with other northern regions in stunning scenery of high mountains, winding passes, valleys, rivers and streams, Ha Giang is outstanding with its identical plant making itself an attraction, whose name is “Tam giac mach” (Fagopyrum) Flower. Tam giac mach Flower does not only play an important role in Ha Giang tourism as one of the main tourist attractions of the region, but also holds significant meaning in the development of the economy in the city. For that consideration, Tam giac mach Flower has been received special concern as there has been a Festival of its name organized in Ha Giang.

This year is the second time Ha Giang organized the Tam giac mach Flower Festival with the change in time and place. As planned, the festival will take place in October, in the town of Meo Vac. Guests participating in the festival will enjoy many excellent art program, take a look at the products from Tam giac mach flowers and watch street folk performances, colorful ethnic costumes of Ha Giang… However, according to Chief of Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Ha Giang, this was the original plan, and no final decision.

This is a great event to create landmarks in introducing, promoting and attracting more visitors to Ha Giang. Last year, the flower festival was first Tam giac mach Festival opening in the town of Dong Van, which lasted from 12 to 15/11. Nearly 2,000 visitors attended per day in the Stone Plateau during the event. To avoid overcrowding, Tourism Association of Ha Giang has prepared more home mobile canvas, meet rising demand for accommodation for travelers.  

Notes for travelling to Ha Giang during the Festival


One of the most favorite approaches to Ha Giang is going by motorbikes. Ha Giang is famous for being full of constant passes and winding roads, bending curves off to the other attaching with dizzy steep ramps. If you are a new rider, the first thing you need to do is drive calmly, keep your comfortable and try not to panic. In case you go in group, it is necessary not to be hesitated to ask others to slow down their speed, so that you would not be left alone too far behind. Always remember to cross on the left if you want to exceed the trunk, use the turning signals and the taboo is not to cross in the bend out of sight of the front objects. You are also advised to use horn and never turn to the middle of the road for it is extremely dangerous. Thus, take control to your wheel with slow but sure and safe management. Especially when you are not familiar with this activity, the advice is just drive in slow speed and have short break between lines to charge your power.

Expensive and few options of food

There are few options for food available in Ha Giang, causing it expensive. As the Festival takes place means there are a large number of people gathering in the place, the issue of food is even more serious with fewer choices and slow service. Tip here is not expect too much but just enjoy your meal.

Where to stay

As Ha Giang is one of the tourist destinations, there is the fact that accommodations like hostel, hotels are always in the state of being fully booked. The best suggestion for you is ask for Homestay in which you will stay in local houses with local residents. Staying Homestay can give you a lot of advantages as the price is cheap and trying this even can help you to solve the food problem when food is always available in hosts’ houses. People here are so plain and friendly, they do not only welcome you with warm greet, treat you as member in their family but also will be pleased to show and exchange culture, help you to have better understandings about the life and place. Here you can find homestay experience in Ha Giang with Ly Dai Duyen Homestay, or Ly Quoc Thang Homestay developed by Vietnam Homestay.

Many other considerable options

Although Tam giac mach Flower is one of the most remarkable highlights in Ha Giang broadly known by travelers, in fact there are a lot more considerations when travelling up here. Being a mountainous region of Vietnam with typical highland monsoon climate, Ha Giang offer visitors with breathtaking scenes of superb high mountains, gorgeous winding roads and passes, combining with colorful local cultures and lifestyles. You can also spend time lingering in the town to visit some attractions namely Dong Van Stone Plateau, Lung Cu Flag Pole, or explore local livings by visiting Dong Van market.