Ly Quoc Thang homestay

Know the landlord

My name is Ly Quoc Thang, Dzao ethnic minority in Nam Dam village. I have beautiful wife and 2 children. We are farmers but hospitable and friendly people. I am the head of local music performance group of Nam Nam village.  Sometimes, we organize culture exchange program with tourists at my front yard and it is nice experience for you to understand part of our culture.

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About the homestay:

My house is in Nam Dam Village. I am an Dzao ethnic but I am very open to the new knowledge. My house is quite regular as other houses in the village: simple and built from natural-friendly materials.

Our traditional house is a house on stilts. Now, at the first look, you may think it not anymore. The fact is we just cover the downstair to make it an inventory for rice and family items then we keep animals in other place far from the house. That will prevent bad smells and give better hygiene. All our daily activities still take place in upstairs as similar as in a stilt house. The kitchen is in the center of house to  keep the entire house warm in winter.

My family and I are very friendly. Visitors enjoy staying at my home, having local foods and drinking local wine with us. My house can accommodate 10 visitors with basic bedding. 

I can provide meals as well as bikes for you traveling around the village. The food is mostly local cuisine with our unique cooking ways. 

There is a shared bathroom downstair with hot water running. You will sleep in comforatble mattreses, clean blanket and mosquito net.

House Services: 
Shared toilet and shower rooms with hot water
Location desc: 

Nam Dam village, Quan Ba district, Ha Giang province

Our village is located along the main tourism route Ha Giang to famous Global Karst Plateau Geopark Meo Vac- Dong Van. A lot of things you can do here such as:

  • Take a walk to explore the beautiful traditional Dao village. Get to know and talk to local people to learn of about the traditional lifestyle that hardly change for centuries. Enjoying time to watch local women weaving their traditional clothes
  • The natural scenery of North West Vietnam is always the bests with fabulous landscape, terrace field, jungle and waterfall. Hiking or trekking to reveal is the top activities to do here.
  • Along with trekking/hiking, photo hunting here is a must. If you are a photography addict, you really need well preparing your cameras, full battery and a spare battery so that you will not miss any chance to take into the lens the picturesque and peaceful landscape
  • You should know Dong Van owning the farest point to the North of Vietnam: Lung Cu. Taking a tour to North Pole of Vietnam to mark a memorable experience is defenitely worthy


Max guests: 10
Price: 16.00 $

The above rate includes bed, breakfast and dinner. Taxes and service charges are included.

My beds in house features

  • Beds:Open plan living space with 10 single mattresses upstairs
  • Individual mosquito nets and blankets for beds.
  • Cloth cot at balcony for guest relaxing
  • Power sockets upstairs and downstairs.
  • Share toilet and shower room with hot water – downstairs.
  • Kitchen is available