Long Chieu Homestay in Tan Phong village

Know the landlord

My name is Long. I live in Tan Phong village, Ho Thau commune. My family has 4 members: my parents, my wife and me. My family is belonged to Nung minority; however, my wife is a Red Yao woman. We live by agriculture, cattle and poultry feeding. Coming to my house, you will have opportunity to experience Nung’s culture, with friendly hosts and peaceful atmosphere. Besides, my wife is very good at cooking; therefore, you can enjoy colorfully and flavorfully local cuisine. 

Our Quick Help

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About the homestay:

 My house is just a few minute walking from the center of Tan Phong village. It is built following traditional architecture of Nung ethnic minority, with a stilt made by natural materials that brings you comfortable feelings in the cozy homey atmosphere and friendly to the nature.

On the second floor, we set a Dom room with 12 single cushions fully equipped with private blankets, pillows, blinds and night lamps, which can provide staying for 12 people. At the same time, we also have a small separated dining room where you can sit around the fire stove, chatting with partners and enjoy delicious local specialties. On the outside is a bamboo porch, where you can have overview of the gorgeous natural beauty as well as sunrise and sunset.

On the downstairs, we design a small coffee shop which is a spacious and airy place. On the right is a small kitchen where we cook and serve tourists. The system of bathroom with hot-cold shower and toilet is located at a separated area to ensure hygiene and cleanness. 

House Services: 
Hygienic facilities
Hygienic facilities
Coffee shop
Washing machine
A dinner meal in Long Chieu Homestay
A dinner meal in Long Chieu Homestay


-Trekking: Trekking in a day from Nam Ai village to Tan Phong and stay at my house is the best choice for you. You can have opportunity to experience beautiful scenery and endless rough roads.

-Hunting clouds: Because my house is located near Chieu Lau Thi – the second highest peak in Tay Con Linh area, it is convenient for you to travel to the chop of the mountain and hunt clouds. You will be overwhelmed by the impressive beauty of “cloud storms”.

-Visiting “tea factory”: It takes some minutes to walk from my house to the tea factory. At here, you can see the tea production process from fresh tea leaves to formed product. It also bring you a great chance to enjoy famous types of tea of this region.

-Enjoy local life: You can immerse yourself in the local daily life by participating in cooking activities, chatting with local residents, enjoying unique performance such as fire dance, “turtle “dance, listening to special songs and “Khèn” melodies.

Price: 17.00 $

Shared room with private beds (DOM)

Max guests: 12
Number of room: 1
Price: 17.00 $