Kinh Homestay in Nam Hong village

Know the landlord

Mr Kinh is a person belonged to Red Yao ethic minority. His family has 4 members: him, his wife – Mrs. Coi, and his 2 little children. Mr.Kinh is a very enthusiastic and hospitable person. Especially, he is an excellent local guide. He has participated in training class for ethic minority about CBT and has good experience in providing homestay services for tourists. 

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About the homestay:

My house is located in Nam Hong village, a traditional village of Red Yao people. My house is the combination of traditional and modern architecture. We still keep our house on the stills. However, under the downstairs, we turn it into our family’s living space as well as a kitchen.

 On the upstairs, we have a Dom room which can accommodate up to 12 guests. You can stay with many people but we still ensure your privacy. We have set single blanket, pillows and curtains for each cushion. We also provide 2 separated bathrooms and WC in the same floor.

From my house, you can see so romantic scenery of magnificent mountains and immense terrace fields. We open a small restaurant where you can drink coffee as well as enjoy local specialties provided by ourselves. In the morning, you will have opportunity to taste delicious and colorful sticky rice dishes.

 Besides, we have a big yard where you can participate in entertainment activities and play with local people here.

It’s our pleasure to become your local guide. I and my wife can help you in both trekking and motor-biking activities.

House Services: 
Hygienic facilities
Red Yao women besides the fire
Red Yao women besides the fire


Trekking to Nam Ai village: Discovering new roads is an interesting experience, especially when the trekking routes are quite challenging. We can guide you or rent a local guide to support you in this trip

Motor-biking: There are many difficulties because of slippery and bumpy roads. Therefore, you must be a professional driver, or you need a local driver to help you participate in this adventurous activities

Photo hunting: Coming to Nam Hong, you will be impressed of magnificent mountains, immense terrace fields, romantic valleys and streams. All you need is a camera to save the valuable moments as well as the natural and cultural beauty of this landscape.

Local culture activities: Red Yao minority is famous for long-standing cultural value. In the evening, at my house’s big yard, you can dance and heat around the fire, enjoy local unique dances, listening to traditional songs and music instruments, interact with local people by playing folk games together.




Max guests: 12
Price: 15.00 $


Max guests: 36
Number of room: 1
Price: 0.00 $