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Hi, my name is Phuoc Nguyen. My humble house is a small village of Mekong Delta. My house is a typical of Kinh people – the main ethnic of Vietnam. Staying in my house, you will see how really daily life of a family in Mekong delta.

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About the homestay:

My house is located a small village called My an in My Hoa Hung, Long Xuyen, An Giang. This area is the main parts of Mekong delta where you can meet vast rice fields with the edge blending into the skyline. The life here is slow and very simple with most activities related to farming works and water ways.

As most of houses in Mekong delta, we have a big garden having many kinds of fruits and flowers. We have 8 beds and a private double room for rent. You can use my kitchen after fishing or my family members will be very happy to help you cook some Vietnamese dishes.

The amenities are simple as our family life but always clean. The beds view to green garden that give peaceful feelings.  There is a shared bathroom with hot water running from shower. The toilet is in very good hygiene and western flushing style. 

We offer breakfast included in price, too. If you are seeking for real authentic homestay, my house will be satisfy you much. 

House Services: 
Hygienic facilities
Shared toilet and shower rooms with hot water
Location desc: 

My house is located in My an village, My hung hoa, Long Xuyen, An Giang. This is deep down in Mekong delta and peaceful place with simple daily life of local people - most of them are farmers, handicraft workers or small traders.

From my house you can visit many traditional handicraft villages such as wine making, net weaving etc. You can also join to Long Xuyen floating market and pay a visit to the solumn place of our late President Ton Duc Thang.

From our house, you can enjoy  many types of activities. I will suggest:

  • Biking to visit handicraft villages. Biking is the best way to explore Mekong delta. You can visit the villages of making wine, blacksmith, weaving fishing net. You can also visit the national recognized relics for President Ton Duc Thang.
  • Fishing is really fun. I can take you for fishing in small ponds or canal nearby. These caught fishes will be our ingredient for next meal that you can cook by yourself.
  • Visiting floating markets in Long Xuyen is a must do. You are in Mekong Delta where nearly almost of daily life activities occur on water. Market is, too. Traders will gather their boats at a convenient river segment and make all buys and purchases. That makes the unique feature of Mekong delta in Vietnam
  • Enjoying traditional folk songs “đờn ca tài tử”. That is the typical tradition performance in Mekong delta. With some simple music instruments, artists sit together and sing skillfully folk songs telling about love, life and moral lessons.

Shared Room with private Beds

The price includes bed, breakfast, d

Max guests: 10
Number of room: 1
Price: 18.67 $

The price includes bed, breakfast, dinner

I have a share room with 8 separated beds.

All are set up with comfortable mattress, clean pillow and soft blankets. There is a private double room that is ideal for couple or a small family. We are in river delta area then mosquito net is a must.