Truc Mai Homestay

Know the landlord

My name is Truc Mai. My house is an ancient and antique 100 years old in An Giang. I live in a big, lovely family with 7 people. My parents are now over 80s and I have two children at teenager. We are all farmers, we don’t have many chances to travel much but after 12 years welcoming foreign guests, we learn very much from their cultures. My kids are quite good at English.

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About the homestay:

This ancient and antique house is about 100 years old house with traditional architectural i.e. tile roof, gate, fence, bonsai garden and the antique furniture.

I live in a huge family which consists of 7 people of 3 generations. We are all farmers so we are very good at housework. In spite of having limited  chance to travel around, our specialty for the past 12 years remains  in hosting guests who are well diversified and from different culture and from  different countries,  who also takes care of  my home. 

Even though my house is very old but I have quiet enough modern amenities such as: TV, internet throughout my house.

Being my guests, you are going to stay in my house as friends of the family coming around for enjoying fun time together. We have separated beds that are all clean, comfortable with blanket, pillow. There are two bathrooms with hot water running.

You can use my kitchen, too to cook your own dishes or join with me to DIY some Vietnamese dishes

House Services: 
Internet Access
Location desc: 

My house is located at My An 2 hamlet, My Hoa Hung Commune, Long Xuyen City, An Giang. It is also located on the bus route which has easy access to public transport.

A lot of things can be personally managed by you during your free time.  

  • You can also visit the most famous Long Xuyen floating market, one of the most bustling floating markets in Mekong Delta with hundreds of small boats barging and jostling for space where you can market as much as you want then join us in our meal preparation. 
  • You can visit Ong Ho Islet where President Ton Duc Thang (Uncle Ton) was the first president of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam was born and grown.
  • You can also enjoy the early morning jogging, also cycling around the village to learn about incense making, blacksmith’ shop and viewing to explore the rural lifestyle which can be of your choice

Share room with Seperated Beds

Max guests: 16
Number of room: 1
Price: 16.10 $

The rate includes bed, meal (breakfast, dinner)

At any given point of time - My house can accommodate up to 10 guests with clean, comfortable beds. 

We will provide blanket, pillow, and mosquito net with high hygiene.

There are two bathrooms nearby with sink, hot water running.